How to start WebRTC?


Thanks @noizzzzy.boy, I’ve asked our team + community members to take a look at this.


@noizzzzy.boy A response from an engineer -

Can you try adding this value to the config.json "StunURI": "", without updating the Janus server or any code changes.

The ICE problem can be related to that. If the stun server from google does not work, then maybe you can try another one.

Let me know if this helps?


It was there from the very beginning.
I changed a lot of stun servers with no luck


I have the exact same issue and no matter what i try it wont work.

Any updates on this?

Best regards.


Hi @ggisx,

Thanks for reaching out. To give you the best help we can, could you review this web page and send us the relevant logs, config files, etc. which will help us diagnose the issue?


Hi Amy,

I did not set the nat mapping in the janus cfg.

It works perfectly now thanks :slight_smile:

Best regards,