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How to make a button (not interactive) in a message

I currently read the interactive button and it works fine, but what i want is to make it open a URL, the bot I’m creating posts a direct message to a user about opened issue, and i want the user to be able to click on “Open” button and get to the issue on my system.

this is what i have came up with up to now:

            'channel_id' => 'channel_id',
            'message'    => 'a new issue is opened',
            'props'      => [
                'attachments' => [
                        'title'   => 'Issue #322',
                        'text'    => 'act as fast as you can..',
                        'actions' => [
                                "id"          => "open",
                                "name"        => "Open",
                                "integration" => [
                                    "url" => "http://path_to_issue",

Note: I’m using API to achieve this.

I would look at just embedding an image and a url using Markdown instead Formatting Text — Mattermost 5.36 documentation . An interactive button is not meant to direct the user outside of the Mattermost client.

It looks to be possible to perhaps embed html like the Zoom plugin does, but if you are using the API, that may not be what you want either.

I understand that interactive button is not fitting for my purpose. but it’s weird we can have that but there is no possibility to create a simple button to open a url.