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How to deploy mattermost with digitalOcean.?

Hi guy,
I am looking for a comprehensive guide to host digitalocean vps with mattermost. So, does digitalOcean provides any feasible environment to mattermost or Do you prefer any other host to work with mattermost.

Hi @AngelaDixon,

We’re not too familiar with Digital Ocean and we don’t have official install guides for it. Only thing is that you might find guides on google from other community members, e.g. this one

I have used Digital Ocean in a personal, not professional, capacity, and there shouldn’t be too much of an issue running MatterMost in a DO VPS instance using the documentation at . In the professional dev setup of Mattermost that is still under testing by our group, Mattermost runs fine using 4GB of RAM and 1 CPU core for about 30 users and fairly light usage; as long as you don’t have a lot of users, and not a whole lot of chats, the most basic Digital Ocean droplet should be suitable, at least for testing, and should be able to installed using the installation instructions already provided by MatterMost above.

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