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How can I integrate DataDog agent with Mattermost?

I have added tracer for mux using gopkg.in/DataDog/dd-trace-go.v1/contrib/gorilla/mux

Source code looks like this

import muxtrace "gopkg.in/DataDog/dd-trace-go.v1/contrib/gorilla/mux"
func (s *Server) Start() error {

			tracer.WithGlobalTag(DataDogEnvKey, *s.Config().DataDogSettings.Env),
		datadogMux := muxtrace.NewRouter(muxtrace.WithServiceName(*s.Config().DataDogSettings.ServiceName))
		datadogMux.Router = s.RootRouter
		handler = datadogMux

It is not detailed sending span in my datadog account. please help