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HC2MM migration tool

HC2MM Import tool getting hung on C:\xxx\xxx\hipchat_export\users\xxxx\history.json

While running HC2MM from a Windows 10 Desktop PC, it gets hung on a .json file and errors out about 10 minutes after (Error Reading Properties: Stream Closed). Before erroring out it has passed through thousands of json files already but gets hung on one, I have tried several times to remove the troublesome file but it gets hung a few more down the line.

Does anyone know where to find more logs that may point me to why its crashing?

Also it seems like there is quite a bit more info on the hipmost tool, is this the better way to import?

After the tool crashes, would there residual files I should cleanup?

Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Atlassian HipChat 2.4.1 (2018.07.19.134050)

Mattermost Version: 5.12.3
Database Schema Version: 5.12.0
Database: mysql

Hi @Brownr, Would you be open to looking at this tool:

I believe our support team is recommending using the Migratemost tool I linked above because some users haven’t been able to get HC2MM tool to work.

Thanks Amy, I may give that a try soon!

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