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Focalboard on 5.37.1 Not Working

Hello All,
Just upgraded mattermost from 5.25.x to 5.37.1 and everything seems to be working great and users are able to access all functionality.

Bun I am unable to get Focalboard to work – installed it via marketplace and then enabled the plugin but if I click on the focalbaord icon I get the following error.

The requested URL /plugins/focalboard/workspace/tdiefhori3r9fcshoruzucf7ay was not found on this server.

Also noticed the following message in the mattermost.log file


{“level”:“info”,“ts”:1629153197.564117,“caller”:“go-plugin@v1.4.1/stream.go:15”,“msg”:"\u001b[31merror\u001b[0m [2021-08-16 17:33:17.563 -05:00] Unable to clean up the sessions \u001b[31merror\u001b[0m=“no update allowed from focalboard, update it using mattermost”",“plugin_id”:“focalboard”,“source”:“plugin_stdout”}


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Feel free to post about this at our community server’s Focalboard channel. Our Focalboard team actively troubleshoots issues.

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