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Error video ios, help me

when I shoot a video with my iPhone and upload this to mattermost I get a video icon. Even if I open this video on the same iPhone I cannot play it back. Is that intentional?

What Mattermost mobile app version are you on?
What iOS version are you on?

Hello, @lacazet2k

I have tested this on the following environment and verified that I was able to play back the video that I uploaded to my Mattermost channel.

  • Mattermost Server 5.20.1
  • Mattermost iOS Mobile app 1.28.0 (Build 268)

I tested this in 2 different scenarios:

  • A video in which I recorded using the Camera app and uploaded it to Mattermost
  • A video in which I recorded within the Mattermost app itself and uploaded it to Mattermost directly from the app

Can you please confirm the behavior that you are getting by providing screen shots / screen recording from your mobile device? Take note that the video is not automatically playable when you are viewing it from the desktop / web app.