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Email with lost messages switch



Witch how i can turn off email messages with messages, that users not read?
I need to be work email notifications only for registration and restore password functional!


Hello @alexmorbo,

Please help clarify that you’re wanting to switch off email notifications for your users? Or is your question that you don’t want the users to receive emails except for when they change their password?

Can you also share which server version of Mattermost you have installed please?



I have latest mattermost installed.
I want to turn off email notifications with messages, that users not read, if they are not online.

How can i do it?


Hi @alexmorbo!

You can turn off email notifications by going to “Account Settings” -> “Notifications” -> “Email Notifications” -> “Never”.

Let me know if this helps?


I need do it globaly for all users. Not only for me.


Hi @alexmorbo - sure thing! Here is a link to config settings that you can use to change email settings for everyone: