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Docker - cant create private and public channels

I installed docker version of mattermost. Unfortunately i dont see PLUS character near Public and Private channels to add any. My config/config.json from inside of contaier seems to be fine.

   "TeamSettings": {
    "SiteName": "Mattermost",
    "MaxUsersPerTeam": 50,
    "EnableTeamCreation": true,
    "EnableUserCreation": true,
    "EnableOpenServer": false,
    "EnableUserDeactivation": false,
    "RestrictCreationToDomains": "",
    "EnableCustomBrand": false,
    "CustomBrandText": "",
    "CustomDescriptionText": "",
    "RestrictDirectMessage": "any",
    "RestrictTeamInvite": "all",
    "RestrictPublicChannelManagement": "all",
    "RestrictPrivateChannelManagement": "all",
    "RestrictPublicChannelCreation": "all",
    "RestrictPrivateChannelCreation": "all",
    "RestrictPublicChannelDeletion": "all",
    "RestrictPrivateChannelDeletion": "all",
    "RestrictPrivateChannelManageMembers": "all",
    "EnableXToLeaveChannelsFromLHS": false,
    "UserStatusAwayTimeout": 300,
    "MaxChannelsPerTeam": 2000,
    "MaxNotificationsPerChannel": 1000000,
    "EnableConfirmNotificationsToChannel": true,
    "TeammateNameDisplay": "username",
    "ExperimentalViewArchivedChannels": false,
    "ExperimentalEnableAutomaticReplies": false,
    "ExperimentalHideTownSquareinLHS": false,
    "ExperimentalTownSquareIsReadOnly": false,
    "ExperimentalPrimaryTeam": "",
    "ExperimentalDefaultChannels": []

Hi @dominikp, does changing ``“EnableXToLeaveChannelsFromLHS” to True change what you are seeing?

I changed that value inside container, cleared browser cache and restarted it (browser) and it didnt work.

How many channels do you have on that team?

We also have these two bug tickets that might be related to the issue you’re seeing:

None, i just started a docker instance for some tests and from the beginning i cant add any channels.