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Difficulty using sidebar scrollbar with mouse


We’ve noticed issues operating the channel sidebar scroll bar using the mouse.

Steps to reproduce

Issue is occuring with version 4.1.2 of the Mattermost desktop application on Windows 10

  1. Have enough channels/DMs to require a scrollbar
  2. Try to grab the scrollbar by holding the left mouse button and dragging

Expected behavior

Sidebar will scroll up and down as the mouse is moved up/down.

Observed behavior

Mouse is unable to grab the scrollbar. Click target appears very small, as we’ve succeeded to grab it a few times, but most times we do not succeed. Scrolling with mouse wheel works as expected without issue.

Hi @jomaxro, thank you for reporting this.

I agree that the scroll bar is quite “thin” - do you see the same issue on the right hand side? What server version are you using? Are you on 100% zoom level?

This is most likely a UX issue, so I can forward the feedback to our UX team first.

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We do not, no. Using the mouse to grab the scrollbar to the right of the messages works fine. The issue seems specific to the channel/DM sidebar.

Server version is 5.4. Zoom is 100%

Hi @jomaxro, our product managers agree with the feedback and our UX team has taken a note of making some improvements to the scroll bar.

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Hi, everyone.

Just had this tested with Windows 10 with the latest client and we can see that the the size of the scrollbar between the chat history section and the list of channels are different.


Perhaps we can make them a little bit bigger and of equal size as well to make the UX better.

The scroll bar is still hard to grab for me on Windows Desktop Version 5.23.1. You have to be very precise when clicking it, otherwise the mouse cursor easily turns into the resize window cursor.

Hi, @jxia.ux

Further tested this on the following environment:

  • Mattermost Server 5.24.1

  • Windows 7

  • Mattermost Windows Desktop App 4.5.0

I noticed that when I zoomed in, the scroll bar becomes bigger too.

Maybe the size of the scroll bar depends on the zoom level as well. Just sharing the observation that I have.

I noticed that too, but still, it doesn’t help much in my opinion. See gif below:


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Skype’s scrollbar is uglier, but much easier to grab.


This is still a problem. We’ve been using MM for a few months now. It still takes me multiple attempts – often 5, 10, 15 seconds – to ‘find’ the scroll bar. It’s very frustrating. I often resort to clicking the ‘+’ to DM someone rather than attempting to scroll. That doesn’t help when trying to scroll through channels though. I switched to a darker theme than the blue-white one, that at least has a scrollbar you can see when you hover over it. But it’s still micro-thin. A lot of apps allow you to configure the width of scroll bars. Any chance of getting that added?