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Desktop App freezing when typing + notification


Does this happen when you load a specific channel or randomly? Also, go to the View menu and select Developer Tools for Current Server and see if there are any error messages.

Just happened here again, seems to be random.
see the log file. It shows network disconnects which were not apparent to me,
not sure if this is related but it happens frequently on WiFi, LAN,
and also other laptops in other networks.

Also on another machine

@paulrothrock Do these logs help?

Hi, @nanocosmos-ol

Besides the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED and ERR_TIMED_OUT that I can see from the log, I noticed the following as well:

websocket_client.jsx:49 websocket re-established connection
websocket_actions.jsx:481 channel broken because of too many incoming messages
websocket_actions.jsx:481 channel broken because of too many incoming messages 

Since the app complains that the channel is broken due to the incoming messages, can you share a little more on the following:

  • Mattermost Server version
  • Mac OS version
  • Mattermost Mac OS app version (if you are not on the latest version, can you upgrade to the latest 4.4.0?)
  • The number of open channels / DM on the RHS channel list

Server Version: 5.19.0 (integrated with gitlab)
Build Number: 5.19.1
MacOS: different versions, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15
MacApp version 4.4 (latest), running from source / electron same issue
Open channels: about 30 with about 20 users
(what is RHS channel list?)
Is it possible to book professional support to work together on this?
Can you send me a direct message?

Hi, @nanocosmos-ol

I have sent you a direct message to troubleshoot this issue further. Thanks.