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Community Design Meeting: Folded Reply Threads


Community Design Meeting: Folded Reply Threads

We are hosting our very first community design meeting! The topic is folded reply threads, our #1 uservoice request.


March 7th, 2019, 10:00 San Francisco time / 13:00 Toronto time / 18:00 London time

How to join:
  1. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
  2. Or iPhone one-tap on US: +16699006833,9887460965# or +14086380968,9887460965#
  1. [5 mins] Introductions of Mattermost team, review of agenda.
  2. [10 mins] Review of use cases, with Q&A for additional use cases from meeting participants.
  3. [15 mins] Review of proposed design approach.
  4. [20 mins] Open discussion for outstanding design questions. E.g.
  • How do folded replies, as proposed in the spec, work in permalink view, or when jumping to a post from search?
  • How to ensure people have the appropriate level of mentions and notifications and hence do not miss replies?
  • Should we allow users to expand the reply thread in the center channel, or only show reply threads in the right-hand side?
  1. [5 mins] Actions & decisions
  2. [5 mins] Review of next steps, meeting ends

For any questions, let us know!


For us, it would be interesting to see the current approach somewhere upfront to think about. I want to attend this meeting - however, only, if your plan differs from what Slack does for folded threads (which works very very well).

Hope to see some data before the meeting starts in two days!

All the best,


@D.R Good question! Would you be open to joining our public community channel for folded reply threads?

The channel header contains a work-in-progress spec, and you can stay updated on changes and news there.


We’ve also shifted focus more towards hearing from the community and updated the agenda accordingly (all times in San Francisco timezone):

  1. (10:00am) - Meeting recording begins. (Sharing video is optional)
  2. (10:02am) Introductions of Mattermost team, review of agenda.
  3. (10:05am) Current state of design + expectation on roadmap
  4. (10:10am) Q&A with community
    • Painpoints and confusing aspects of the existing Mattermost threading functionality
    • Standard use cases for threading
    • Additional feedback or ideas on threading design
  5. (10:30am) Feedback on open design questions
  6. (10:50am) Review of next steps, meeting ends