Channel restore



I used CLI to destroy customers account. By my mistake I deleted channel town-square. How I can restore it? Yes… I know, it has been hardcoded. I use MM 5.0


Hi @moon! Here is a command that might help you:


Thanks for help, but I did “./mattermost delete town-square user” instead “./mattermost remove town-square user”. Restore did’nt work. Is any way to put some records into database ?


Hi @moon! What error message are you getting when you try the restore command?

Would this API command help:{channel_id}~1restore%2Fpost?


On chat (in team):
/join town-square
give me: An error occurred while listing channels.

./mattermost channel restore xxx:town-square
give me:
SqlChannelStore.GetByName: Channel does not exist, teamId=poez7bhn3bbkifqy8niitq66fo, name=town-square, sql: no rows in result set
Unable to find channel ‘xxx:town-square’

I have “admin” access account.


@moon Are you able to see the channel in a list when you run the channel list command