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Change to Ctrl+K

Our organization recently upgraded to version 5.37. This version changed the functionality of the Ctrl+K shortcut that brings up the recents, making the software very difficult for blind users to navigate.

Previously, Ctrl+K would bring up a list of unseen direct messages, followed by a list of unread channels. Now, however, it appears only a jumble of recent direct messages/channels is shown, in no particular order, and it’s recent posts, not unread posts. Furthermore, the list no longer shows in text-only, to the blind user’s screen reader. Instead, the screen reads “user object,” where it would read the username/channel previous to 5.37.

Is there a setting somewhere that can be toggled to restore the previous behavior of Ctrl+K? Otherwise, screen reader users are going to be extremely inconvenienced and productivity will ultimately suffer.

Thank you.


Hi there, @Garypair

While the behavior change was mentioned in the Mattermost Server 5.37.0 changelog:

  • The Channel Switcher now displays recently viewed channels when launched.

I can understand the concern that you are facing here, especially for the blind users. For that, we have the following Jira ticket to keep track of this here:

I would recommend you to add it to your watchlist to keep track of the progress. Hope that helps.


Me, and a couple of teammates, find that this change in behavior is a big productivity hit. Please give users the possibility to configure this or add a second shortcut to open an unread list.

Another behavior that changed in the channel switcher is that, previously, when I started typing another user’s name, the direct chat would usually show at the top, making it easy to find a direct message channel. Now, a bunch of group chats that include this user are shown before the single user chat. This is also pretty irritating and annoying.

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Hello, @sebastianst

Thanks for the feedback. I am sharing this with the team so they are aware of the challenges that our users are facing with the change.

Another vote for bringing back the old behavior!

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