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Cannot "Log in with GitLab"


Please include with your troubleshooting request:


I want to log into on a GItLab Omnibus install. I can’t log in with gitlab

Steps to reproduce

Install. Navigate to Click “Log in with Gitlab”

You are taken to and there you see this error:

An error has occurred

The redirect URI included is not valid.


Hi @SSD! Thank you for reaching out.

To troubleshoot this further, can you help with the following additional details:

  1. Your Mattermost server version and Gitlab version?
  2. The url that you are using?
  3. The device you are using (mobile, webapp, etc.)?
  4. Are you seeing any errors in logs?
  5. Would you have a screenshot to share?

Let me know any questions!



  1. Gitlab Omnibus 10.7.3. (Mattermost is included)

  2. and

  3. web interface

  4. I had logging disabled so not yet.

  5. No I don’t have a screenshot but if you need one I can provide it. Do you need one? Is the error message I explained above not useful?


Hi @SSD,

if you go to GitLab page in the Mattermost System Console or look at the GitLabSettings section of /var/opt/gitlab/mattermost/config.json, do the endpoints use the correct URL for the GitLab instance? Similarly, if you go to the Applications > GitLab Mattermost section in the admin area in GitLab, does the redirect URI there use the correct address for the Mattermost instance?

I believe you may be hitting this issue.