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Can´t configure tls in mattermost deployed through Bitnami


I am a beginner and I want to deploy the service in the company I work in, I can deploy through Google Cloud Plataform and use the whole server, but without a security certificate, I am following the instructions in the Bitnami Guide, but I can not make the connection Be safe, can someone help me? I do not know what else to do


Hi @cezarbehrend! Thank you for reaching out.

What browser are you using? What error message are you seeing?


Hey @amy.blais,

I am using Google Chrome, but in any browser the message “this connection is not secure” appears, because it has not been configured TLS, this is the link from my server:


Hi @cezarbehrend!

Reading through the introduction in the Bitnami guide ( it sounds that you would need a valid SSL certificate especially if you are running a production server.

I also read through this thread that sounds similar to the issue you are seeing and they also gave the same advice:

Let me know any questions!