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Can I deactivate compression of photos?


A colleague asked me why the 4K pictures he sends are getting compressed and scaled down before sending. He takes photos of small electronic boards and sends them to a colleague, but the receiver cannot really zoom in and see details.
Is there a possibility to deactivate compression or is there another trick to achieve this?


Hello, @VincentVegas

When you mentioned that the image was being compressed, do you mean that the file size was reduced after it was uploaded or were you referring to the preview feature within the Mattermost app?

Perhaps you can show the comparison (file size, dimension) as well so I can get more context on this.

Sorry it took a bit longer.

I made some tests and found out that the saved image has the correct size. My colleague obviously didn’t save it but only previewed it. But what is the reason to not show the original image in the preview if there is enough space? I have this problem with screenshots from colleagues. I cannot read the text in the preview and have to save each image just to view it and delete it seconds later.


Hello, @VincentVegas

Saving bandwidth would be one of the main reasons. By resizing the image we can have a much smaller file than the original and if the user is just interested in viewing the content (and not download the original file), that can save quite a bit of bandwidth and also loading the image on the client would be much faster.

Hope that helps to answer the question that you have here.

Mattermost runs on one of our servers, and we don’t care saving bandwidth, so what do we do? Images open in less than 100ms on my PC. I guess I can wait for 200ms to see the original file.
We are not in Modem times any more. I grew up with 2400bps.:slight_smile:

Hi, @VincentVegas

Understandable. Would you be open to create a feature request on Mattermost Uservoice for public visibility? This will allow other users who are interested with the same functionality to cast their votes and share their thoughts on this as well.

Else, I will be happy to create one on your behalf as well. Let me know which one works for you.


You have used all your voices and cannot submit a new idea. But you can still use the search and comment on existing ideas.

So please do it for me.