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Autogenerate inline link from keyword or command

I’m interested in the option of being able to perform a command or handle a keyword in-text and generate the markdown or link for it.
“I’m talking about BUG2234” > Press Enter
“I’m talking about #BUG2234 - Spelling Mistake


“I’m talking about /bug 2234” > Press Enter
“I’m talking about #BUG2234 - Spelling Mistake

I’m not sure how this would be done, or if it would need a feature request. I’m looking into webhooks (with a receiving application/bot that handle and post back), but from what I gather that would be a MSG > RESPONSE scenario, not inline as I am looking for. So basically I’m looking at some kind of pre-post processor/translator functionality on messages I guess.

Any guidance or thoughts appreciated.

Thanks for the suggestion! There is a request on our feature idea forum for this idea. You get 10 votes on forum and each one influences the future of Mattermost, feel free to upvote the idea there!