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About deploying the changes in mattermost-webapp


I have pulled the mattermost-webapp, mattermost-docker and mattermost-server and successfully made some changes locally.

I also tried to deploy the mattermost docker to AWS Elastic beanstalk, but my question is: How can I deploy my local changes to AWS?

I do not have much docker knowledge so I think the documentation does not cover what I need. But I believe I am quite close to the deployment. Can anyone at least give me some direction on it? Thanks.


I can think of two approaches:

  1. Push your changes to your forked repository on Github, and then clone that repository on the target EC2 instance, using the make commands to run from source.
  2. Build your source into a release binary and modify this line of the dockerfile to fetch that binary from some file host, be it an S3 bucket, a DropBox, whatever.